On Site Lab

When a restoration is crafted, the work is sent to a dental lab. In most instances, the case leaves the dentist’s office and is sent to a lab across town – or possibly across the country and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for final placement with the patient to take place. At Wing, Mack, Smith, and Bang DDS, we have an in‐house dental lab. Having an in-house dental lab has many benefits and advantages. Perhaps most gratifying is being able to work directly with the patient to achieve the best results possible – some of which can only be achieved by having the lab technician on site working closely with the dentist and seeing the patient in our office.

It is this close relationship that that can only be achieved with an in-house dental lab. Not only can the technician get what they need to provide a better quality restoration initially, but they are also available and able to make adjustments on‐the‐spot.